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Year of the Arts 2017 - 2018

2017- 2018 Year of the Arts (YOTA)

The arts are powerful and transformative components of every student’s learning. This year, we are proud to partner with the broader Milwaukee arts community to bring arts into focus.

We have big plans for this year, plans to bring our students to arts and the arts to our students.

To support and celebrate the Year of the Arts, we will connect our students to meaningful, engaging arts experiences in their classrooms, schools, and throughout communities across the city. We are looking to our schools, school leaders and #MPS Proud alumni to embrace this opportunity.

Year of the Arts Goals

  • Promote and celebrate the arts
  • Develop a pipeline to recruit and retain arts instructors
  • Make connections between history and culture through the arts
  • Encourage arts integration within and outside the classrooms
  • Build support for MPS Arts programs and schools to be sure that EVERY student is afforded quality arts opportunities

How can alumni support arts experiences for our schools and students?

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