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Bucks and Johnson Controls Open $150,000 Multi-sport Complex at Browning Elementary

Bucks and Johnson Controls Open $150,000 Multi-sport Complex at Browning ElementaryThe Milwaukee Bucks and Johnson Controls recently held a grand opening ceremony for a $150,000 multi-sport complex on the campus of Browning Elementary School and Silver Spring Neighborhood Center in Milwaukee’s Westlawn neighborhood. The project was initially announced in May and construction had been ongoing in the months since the announcement. Browning Elementary School students had their first chance to play in the new space, which includes six basketball courts, one futsal court, a soccer field, and additional recreation space, all contained within a 200-meter track. The complex, which has Bucks and Johnson Controls branding, has been configured to allow flexibility for multiple sports such as volleyball and tennis, and will be well lit to provide a safe space for recreation during evening hours.

“This has brought life into a community. We are grateful that our good partners – the Milwaukee Bucks and Johnson Controls – believe in the children of our community and in providing first-class opportunities for them to grow and reach their fullest potential,” MPS Superintendent Darienne Driver said. “Ensuring that all children have top-notch recreational facilities not only provides a safe outlet for young people, but also reinforces to them that they are a vital part of the future of our city and worth the investment of the time and resources necessary for the construction of this complex.” 

Superintendent Darienne Driver, Bucks legend Sidney Moncrief, Johnson Controls Chairman and CEO George Oliver and Vice President of Public Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer Grady Crosby, Bucks President Peter Feigin, and Bucks Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility Alicia Dupies were joined by more than 100 Browning Elementary School students at the grand opening.

“This space will be used for years and years to come,” said Dupies. “Perhaps the most important aspect is that we know that sports can directly contribute to positive youth development. The programming that will be provided by both Playworks and Silver Spring Neighborhood Center will ensure that children are engaged in active learning and skill building, and in fostering cultural competence and healthy and safe play. With literally hundreds of kids in the Westlawn area, coupled with those who attend Browning Elementary and Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, we are thrilled that the play that will take place here will be enhanced through supportive relationships and programming.”

“We are excited about the grand opening of the multipurpose court because it elevates the neighborhood around it,” said Crosby. “But we are even more excited about the years of programming that the Bucks and Johnson Controls are funding. We recognize that coaching and mentoring can be transformative. We are investing in the youth of this neighborhood. For more than a year, Johnson Controls has had a special focus in this neighborhood. This multi-sport complex is our latest project, but we have invested more than a million dollars in the last 15 months in 21 nonprofits serving Havenwoods, Westlawn Gardens and Thurston Woods neighborhoods. This investment will continue. Our goal is to make a measureable impact on the trajectory of lives in the neighborhood.”

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