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MPS Curriculum Specialist Brett Fuller Honored at SHAPE America National Convention

Brett FullerBrett Fuller, health and physical education curriculum specialist for Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), has been honored with the Channing Mann Physical Education Administrator of the Year Award by SHAPE America – the Society of Health and Physical Educators. A skilled and passionate educator who is committed to the physical, emotional and academic health of students, Fuller embodies the Channing Mann Award criteria of leadership, service, advocacy and contributions to the curriculum. He received the Channing Mann Award at the SHAPE America Celebration of Professional Excellence Ceremony.

The award-winning administrator is responsible for curriculum, supervision, mentoring, assessment and providing professional services for health and physical education within MPS; his work supports 150 physical education specialists. After more than 20 years in education, Fuller’s philosophy centers upon the ideal of teaching students to be healthy for a lifetime. He believes in improving health and physical education at the district level, within Wisconsin, and nationally.

According to SHAPE America President Jackie Lund of Georgia State University, "This award honors an individual who exemplifies the highest standards in accomplishment, innovation, and leadership."

Fuller was a key member of a collaborative effort to reduce teen pregnancy in Milwaukee by 65 percent since 2007; his work included revising and implementing MPS Human Growth and Development Curriculum for K5-9th grade. He led the implementation of the SPARK curriculum for all K-8 students in MPS, resulting in an increase of moderate to vigorous physical activity in physical education classes from an initial 37 percent to 59 percent of classroom time, resulting from in-district collaborations with Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin. The collaborative also created physical activity and nutrition videos for classroom teachers. The creation of a K-12 standards-based report card also supports student health by teaching students to be physically literate. Finally, more than 100 MPS schools are now Let's Move! Active Schools.

“It is truly an honor to be recognized by SHAPE America with this award,” said Fuller. “It recognizes the great work we have done in MPS in health and physical education. SHAPE America noted our work around increasing the amount of physical activity in our physical education classes and our partnership in helping reduce pregnancy in the city of Milwaukee.”

Currently in the role of Past President of Wisconsin Health and Physical Education, Fuller has advocated before the Wisconsin legislature on the importance of quality physical and sex education. He also chairs the SHAPE America State and District Administrators Special Interest Group, led a task force on revising a position statement on dodgeball, and is a certified SHAPE America Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program trainer. He was also elected to the SHAPE America Board of Directors in March.

Fuller received his Bachelor of Science in education from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater and a Master of Arts in education from the Marian College of Fond du Lac.

The philosophy of physical education as a life skill is aligned with the MPS Eight Big Ideas: Educate the Whole Child strategy to promote student achievement.


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