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MPS Language Summit attracts families

Language Summit Nearly 500 people enjoyed lunch and cultural performances at Milwaukee School of Languages on December 15 while also having the chance to learn about exciting programs in MPS schools. Students in the MPS Culinary Arts programs served a delicious lunch featuring a variety of Italian, Mexican, Asian, African, German and French foods while families learned about district strategies:

  • Bilingual and ESL Programs
  • MPS Bilingual Resolution
  • History of Bilingual Education
  • World Language and Immersion Programs
  • First Nations Studies Program

Following a welcome by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, families were treated to student performances by several groups from MPS schools.

  • Milwaukee German Immersion School: Schottisch Dance, Swedisher Dance, and songs “Winterkinder” and “Aber die Musici”
  • South Division High School: Laotian Dance
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes School: Kou Kou Dance
  • Milwaukee Academy of Chinese Language: Indian Dance to “Nimboda Nimboda”
  • Hayes Bilingual School: Cuadro de Jalisco Dance

Breakout sessions explored topics about district initiatives and student impact, including:

  • Community Engagement in MPS: The Bilingual Resolution
  • Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language (ESL) Programming
  • Immersion Education in MPS
  • World Language: Use of Language in and out of the Classroom
  • First Nations: Language is Culture
  • A Brief History of Bilingual Education in Milwaukee and Bilingualism

Many families of current MPS students expressed their appreciation of language programs and new families sought information about enrolling their children.

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