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Reagan girls’ volleyball commits to breast cancer awareness month

Reagan girls’ volleyball hosts Dig Pink gameIn observance of October as breast cancer awareness month, the girls’ volleyball team at Ronald Wilson Reagan College Preparatory High School took time to educate fellow students and host a volleyball game to raise funds for breast cancer survivors. A goal of the effort was to honor the women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and the many more who will be diagnosed in coming years.

The Reagan girls’ volleyball team hosted a Dig Pink game against Rufus King on Wednesday, October 10th. In the days leading up to the game, the girls made daily announcements on topics such as warning signs, early detection, and other facts pertinent to breast cancer. The team sold pink ribbons during lunch periods to honor those who have battled or are still battling breast cancer, as well as other pink items in preparation for the game.

The night of the pink-out game set a record for attendance for any home volleyball event. Many attendees in the huge crowd wore pink, with some dads and grandfathers even sporting pink hair and nails. Spectators participated in raffles and contests between games and ate their fill of pink-themed baked goods made by the girls.

At the end of the evening, Rufus King was victorious over its hosts, but the final score was less important than the outstanding support shown in support of cancer patients and survivors.

All the hard work paid off and the girls were able to raise $1,600 for local nonprofit After Breast Cancer Diagnosis (ABCD). This event was a meaningful and impactful experience that used the power of sport to bring the volleyball team and fans together to accomplish a common goal–the fight against breast cancer.

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