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Wisconsin Vision provides free glasses at two MPS schools

Wisconsin Vision provides free glasses at two MPS schoolsWhen students fall behind in learning, sometimes the solution is as simple as a pair of glasses. To give every student a chance to learn, Wisconsin Vision has partnered with Milwaukee Public Schools and the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association to provide eye exams and glasses for students at Clarke Street School and Clement J. Zablocki School.

"We want our young people to have all the tools they need to be in school every day, ready to learn," said Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Keith Posley. "We thank Wisconsin Vision and the MTEA for their work to ensure our students can see and actively participate in their classes."

Students seemed a bit nervous as they lined up for eye exams, but quickly discovered that the process was painless and even fun as they read the eye chart and optometrists fine-tuned their prescriptions. The real fun came when children looked over hundreds of frames and tried on glasses to pick the perfect pair. Sixth-grader Dimitria tried several colorful frames and knew she had found a winner even before looking in the mirror. She broke into a huge smile as she slipped on a pair with blue accents, then grinned at herself in the mirror, excited to replace the glasses that she was outgrowing.

"Eighty percent of learning in kindergarten through 12th grade is visual, and approximately 25 percent of students in grades 1 through 6 have vision impairments. When children can't see well, they face challenges in learning" said Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association President Amy Mizialko.

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