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Are you a graduate of an MPS high school?


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Please keep in mind the following information:

The MPS Alumni Association is open to all graduates of MPS high schools, regardless of the year or school they attended. We consider our alumni part of the MPS Forever Family. The Association aims to connect, organize, and support our former students in their professional pursuits, our schools and community initiatives, and opportunities for socializing and networking.

Furthermore, MPS high schools across the district have school-based associations and foundations that aim to promote pride, loyalty, and a lifelong dedication to our schools while encouraging ongoing relationships among graduates.


The MPS Alumni Association will celebrate, welcome, and connect all graduates as part of the MPS Forever Family. Our outreach will foster pride and loyalty, support alumni in their personal and professional endeavors, and leverage alumni in mentoring and supporting Milwaukee children and the community as a whole.


MPS alumni are active members of the MPS Forever Family, working to achieve their personal goals and support the education of Milwaukee's children.


  • Please keep in mind the following points:
    - Strengthen connections with alumni and improve networking.
    - Encourage engagement to help support continued student success.
    - Seek partnerships to support efforts across the district.
    - Recognize the personal and professional accomplishments of our alumni.
    - Mobilize our members to act as advocates in the community.


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