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Milwaukee Public Schools celebrates our alumni (graduates of MPS schools) as part of the MPS Forever Family.  

Milwaukee Public Schools engages alumni to support their work in the community while capitalizing upon their resources to benefit their alma mater and the district as a whole. 

Milwaukee Public Schools welcomes the alumni voice in reaching our goals of student achievement, effective and efficient operations and student, family and community engagement.


Unite and organize MPS alumni, build a resource powerhouse to support Milwaukee Public Schools students and schools.


  • Promote an MPS alumni identity
  • Connect MPS alumni to one another
  • Partner with MPS alumni in school-based work and district-wide efforts
  • Recognize MPS alumni and their professional successes
  • Serve as a champion for MPS in the community


Phone: 414-475-8633

Alumni Engagement Associate:
David Valdés
Department of Strategic Partnerships and Customer Service

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