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Darren Hill

South Division High School

Darren HillA graduate of South Division High School, Darren was popular, involved in sports, and a high achiever in academics, Darren recalls being one of the few students from his class to graduate and go on to college. He believes that self-efficacy plays a major role in how one approaches school. Self-efficacy builds self- esteem.

Darren was accepted into the Engineering program at the University of Wisconsin when college was in the minority upon graduating from South Division.

I have spoken at South Division and shared with the students that I have a real sense of pride; I can go anywhere because of what I learned here - plus what I have internally is enough to compete and succeed anywhere. Never lose your confidence. This guy here, pointing to his brother Vedale, has taken young, shy artists and literally had them show their work in front of the mayor and in front of giant crowds, and helped them to become confident. And that is what we wanted to do, we want to help instill a sense of community, but also self-confidence.

Art just happens to be a ‘really cool’ avenue to do it in. That is why we do it through art. My brother has the skill set to help us get there and I have the mind set to build that foundation. We don’t care how many become artists, we just want youth to be confident, good people. "The influence of art can be so important in children’s lives." I wanted the young people in the neighborhood to have some of the opportunities my brother and I had. I always wanted to give back because I feel grateful for anybody who made a positive change in my life. And although I can’t give back directly to those people who impacted me, I think it makes more sense to pay it forward.

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