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Linda Durrenberg

Washington High School Purgolders


Linda Durrenberg,  Washington High School - Class of 1969 - continues to represent "Purgolder-Pride" through and through. After high school, Linda went to the Milwaukee Business Training Institute, MBTI, for an associate's degree in Secretarial/Office work. Her work experience includes being a Publicity Head/Media Liaison for Solar-Wind Multimedia, an independent film and media company for the arts. She was a sales secretary for many years at various companies. She became interested in theatre and was involved with several community groups throughout her career, including the famous Milwaukee Melody Top Theatre, where she happily worked for ten summers. Linda was the President (11 non-consecutive times) of her sorority chapter, an International sorority known as Beta Sigma Phi headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, and meets monthly. She has been a member for 53 years. She has been on the committee for the Wisconsin State Convention in 2005, 2013, and 2023 as chairperson of the Friday, and Saturday night entertainment, respectively. Linda also volunteered for the USO for seven years, and if that is not enough, Linda has also been on all of her WHS class reunion committees.

Currently, Linda works and supports the Alumni/History room at Washington High School. Some of her duties include, (and certainly not limited to) managing all the archives at the high school including yearbooks, school newspapers that are bound into books, trophies, and multiple display cases. She assists with all class reunions and does all the research for the alumni, news outlets, and any WHS alum who is interested in walking down memory lane. If you get a chance to meet Linda, you will see that she is willing (and eager) to talk about the history of Washington High School and Milwaukee Public Schools.  She has tremendous pride for her alma mater and can tell you things about Washington that are both fascinating and unbelievable - she is a true storyteller at heart. Most recently, Linda had an opportunity to work with an art teacher at Washington High School who had published a booklet about the 'artistic tiles' that frame the 'bubblers' throughout the school. She was asked by the author to "write the forward" to this booklet, which is a true honor as stated by Linda. To read more about the history of these tiles, tap the link: -

One of Linda's "pet" projects is to research information about the individual inductees for the Hall of Fame ceremonies display that happens every four years at Washington High School. Linda is responsible for all the Hall of Fame plaques and the Scholarship Recipient plaques. "I have also done school tours and I take care of our alumni merchandise." She is also the Venue, Seating, and History display chairperson for the annual alumni luncheons. "I thought that I could continue to serve the school and the alumni by exploring the history in the same place where I had such good memories. I want to make sure that the students today have a good knowledge and feeling about their alma mater."

"I liked history and have always been interested in genealogy. I am working on my family history all the time. When I was asked to help out on the 100th Anniversary of the school, I wanted to put  WHS history on display. I wanted to find out as much as I could and let each and every student, alumni, and staff  person know more about the institution they attended or currently attend."



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