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Vedale Hill

Milwaukee High School of the Arts

Vedale HillVedale Hill is a graduate of the Milwaukee High School of the Arts and then went on to the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, (MIAD). This is his story:

My brother and I came from a very busy background; eleven kids in the house. we would play sports and we were pretty active in our community. We were one of the last generations who ran around just playing. I had a more reserved approach to the social and academic balance than my brother. I was not confident about the academics. I found out my freshman year in college that I was dyslexic.

When I was in class though, I always had my hand up, I was always participating because I wanted to know things. Not to pass a test - I just always had a thirst for knowledge. "I talked to teachers! That’s how I learned.”  

I had no idea what I wanted to do until my senior year. I wondered, "Who makes money doing art?" For me, it was a bit scary because I knew what I wanted to do, I just didn't know how to create a living doing it. But I grew up being very pragmatic and just thought to myself, I'll figure it out.

Honestly, aside from the ignorance of the financial world, we were at an advantage because of the pragmatism of it, yet at a disadvantage because we just didn’t understand how the general world functioned. We didn’t even understand a family dynamic with a father and a mother and two incomes - and a vehicle. We didn’t have a car until adult life, no internet, no computer.

So we understand where a lot of the youth that we work with are coming from.  And we feel perfectly equipped to to deal with situations in a way that is "hands-on"  with the things that these kids  deal with every day."

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