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Antonio Lindsey

James Madison Academic Campus


Year-round, first responders’ brave challenges so the rest of us may stay safe. In honor of their hard work and dedication, MPS Alumni would like to honor and celebrate these heroes for selflessly protecting and serving our communities. We honor the courage, commitment, and sacrifices of those in the fire service, law enforcement, and emergency medical services (EMS) communities, as well as our nation’s public servants. Join us in celebrating the Alumni “heroes among us” during these crucial times in our lives.

Job Title: Community-Based Residential Facility Aide


Antonio received his diploma through the “online program” at James Madison High School at the Job Corps. His experience there instilled in him a great deal of self-respect, which he carries with him each day. During his course of study at the job corps, Antonio fondly remembered Mr. Smith, a teacher who impacted his life in many ways. He recalls Mr. Smith as a person who "gave of his time so that his students could succeed."

Antonio is currently working as a full-time aide at a Community-Based Residential Facility in Milwaukee. He has completed his Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training and is well on my way to becoming a Medical Assistant. Antonio is working on his Associates Degree at Bryant Stratton College - Wauwatosa Campus.

"Milwaukee Public Schools motivated and inspired me. Without their guidance, I would have never known about the job corps program or any of the benefits that came with it. The counselors at James Madison Academic Campus understood that his success would be better served by attending a non-traditional program. “MPS provided many new programs to freshman and sophomores who needed that ‘one little push' to succeed. I was one of those students and am very proud to have excelled in my field of study." Looking back, Antonio believes that more students would benefit from attending alternative programs such as the Job Corps."

Antonio considers himself to be an 'up-and-coming' influencer in the LGBTQ community. He represents a generation that wants to give back: "I would like to provide more assistance to the homeless, particularly to students who are experiencing issues at home and need advice and assistance.” During his youth, he was very curious about healthcare as his sister was a healthcare professional. “I always had a passion for helping my grandmother and being a caretaker to her. As I got older, I wanted to be a nurse or a doctor. So, when MPS provided me an opportunity to learn more about the profession through the job corps, I took it and I ran with it!” 

When asked what advice he would give to our current high school students, Antonio responded with, “walk to the beat or your own drums! It's okay if you get a little discouraged, just remember that time is on your side. Keep your head held high and try new things. Do not fear failure. Continue to follow your path and purpose in life and don't let anyone discourage you - keep moving you can do amazing things."

Join us in celebrating alumni Heroes Among Us during these challenging times in our lives. Would you like to share a story of a Hero Among Us? Contact: 

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