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Milwaukee High School of the Arts

Year-round, first responders’ brave challenges so the rest of us may stay safe. In honor of their hard work and dedication, MPS Alumni would like to honor and celebrate these heroes for selflessly protecting and serving our communities. We honor the courage, commitment, and sacrifices of those in the fire service, law enforcement, and emergency medical services (EMS) communities, as well as our nation’s public servants. Join us in celebrating the Alumni “heroes among us” during these crucial times in our lives

Job title: Registered Nurse at Aurora Health West Allis

Luis Jasso is a 2014 alumnus from Milwaukee High School of the Arts (MHSA). As a registered nurse in Milwaukee, Luis has confronted the COVID-19 pandemic with a positive and professional attitude.

The pandemic hit while Luis was completing his nursing clinicals and he was forced to take them virtually. During this time, Luis did not get to perform or experience any of the skills that he was trained to do. However, during his final semester and during the second COVID-19 resurgence, Luis was called into action and asked to help handle the surge.

Being on the job full time in a facility, Luis was impacted both physically and mentally. “As you know, hospitals are short-staffed and are overflowing with COVID cases. But I learned to be resilient from my time at MHSA. This experience, albeit challenging, has taught me a lot about myself. It has taught me to work with others for a common goal.”

Luis is now working in the cardiac care unit, which is what he trained for. When asked if MHSA prepared him for his job, Luis stated that MHSA taught him to always set goals for himself and with that in mind, he could achieve anything, as an artist or otherwise.

“I would like to tell the entire Milwaukee community to stay safe and to please consider getting vaccinated if you haven’t already. Cherish the moments with your loved ones as these are terribly challenging times. Take time for yourself and take care of your mental health as well. You are not alone. Reach out to family, school staff, and your circle of friends. We will get through this!”

Luis’s positivity and confidence reaffirmed that our health care workers are truly “Heroes Among Us.

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