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Mohamad Mohamud

Mohamad Mohamud

Mohamad Mohamud, proud Alumnus of South Division High School

Jason Gerlach

Jason Gerlach, Proud Alumnus of Rufus King High School

Charly Palmer

Charly Palmer

Charly Palmer, proud alumnus of Custer High School

Ali Jaber

Ali Jaber, proud alumni from Ronald Reagan Prep High School

Jerel Ballard

Jerel Ballard

Jerel Ballard, proud alumni from Riverside University High School

Tor Campbell

Tor Campbell

Tor Campbell - History is being made at the prestigious Northwestern University

George Tillman

George Tillman

George Tillman, Jr. Marshall Alumnus turns film director

Christina Grant - Broadway Make-Up Artist

Christina Grant - NYC and Broadway is new home!

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Joe Kinosian, MHSA grad.

Joe Kinosian - Broadway returns

Former MHSA, now Broadway, returns to give back to MPS

Stella Sensel

Stella Sensel Professional Make Up Artist

Stella Sensel, class of 1997 builds professional career in make-up design.

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