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Tor Campbell

Choreographer, Dance Instructor

Milwaukee High School of the Arts

Tor Campbell, Milwaukee High School of the Arts alumnus, ‘93 is one of three of Northwestern’s first all-black MFA directing cohort, possibly making them the first all-black MFA directing cohort at a United States university.
Every year Northwestern, along with other universities across the nation, bring in an MFA directing cohort of one to three people. Many talented hopefuls apply for these positions. Getting accepted into an MFA directing program is a strenuous, long and intense journey, even more so for applicants who have had to overcome barriers related to race to fulfill their artistic goals.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Tor attended the Milwaukee High School of the Arts as a theatre major. He participated in the school musicals throughout high school and starred in 42nd Street, a play that features tap dancing; this was ironic given he had never tapped a day in his life!  Fortunately, tap came easy for Tor and he soon realized that dance was in his soul.

After high school, Tor continued to pursue dancing and choreography at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City where he starred in many musicals including Dreamgirls, Tap Dance Kid and Fame.  Upon graduating, Tor went on tour with The Wiz in New York City, but this time he did not play the Tin Man, he starred as “The Wiz” and was directed by the acclaimed George Faison (original choreographer of The Wiz).   More recently, Tor returned from Macau, China where he was the lead choreographer for the Venetian Hotel.

Tor’s choreography and experience has spanned the globe, provided a wealth of exposure to different cultures, technique and dance movement.  As a result, he is a versatile instructor who has created his own unique style combining many genres of dance including funk, hip-hop, African and jazz.  Tor is known for his creative, innovative, trend-setting dance classes and fluid music mixes.  It is his masterful combination of music and easy to follow dance instruction that make him the one of the top dance instructors at Your Neighborhood Studio in Culver City.

Tor now resides in Los Angeles where he works full-time as a choreographer and dance instructor. This opportunity at Northwestern will provide yet another hat for Tor to wear as he will be a part of a movement towards greater representation, more autonomy for Black artists, and more opportunities for Black voices to be heard.


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