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David Bowen – Wisconsin State Assembly

David BowenDavid Bowen is currently a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly but may have his ‘eye on the prize’ as the future Lieutenant Governor.

When asked if Milwaukee Public Schools had an impact on his growth and development, David replied that he had ‘amazing educational experiences’ that began at elementary school.

While in high school, David joined a youth development program that was aimed at high school students from across the district. This program focused on getting students involved in their schools, their neighborhoods, and their communities. Conversations focused on issues that mattered to students! David learned at a young age that one need not wait for other people to make decisions. He learned that by getting involved, one can influence how decisions are made. “Having a voice as a student is very important in terms of advocacy and training leaders.”

If I could speak to my fellow MPS alumni, I would encourage them to stay connected. Contribute in some way, either through the district or through some of the alumni network opportunities. Support our educators!

For more on David Bowen’s journey, check out the link: David Bowen

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