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A trip down memory lane for alumni

alumni visit

A group of Milwaukee Public Schools Alumni recently toured their former stomping grounds. The group -- former students from Grantosa, John Muir (now Carment Northwest), and Custer High School (Now Obama School of Career And Technical Education) -- visited classrooms where they remembered learning how to build bird houses, had home economics, watched movies for five cents and learned of JFK’s assassination.

“For all that changed over the years, much more remained the same," said alumna Bonnie Klingman.

As they walked the hallways with current MPS students, they can recall many fond memories and find joy in knowing that the strong MPS legacy lives on.

“Grantosa wasn’t built when many of us moved into the new, surrounding subdivision, so we were shipped all over the place," Klingman reminisces. "We were assigned to different schools twice a year (one school in September and a different one in January – wherever they could squeeze us in).  The first wing of Grantosa only fit kindergarten through second grade, so we spent half a year at Grantosa and were shipped back to Hawley School until Grantosa was finished.  We graduated from sixth grade in January 1961."

As one of the district's Eight Big Ideas, alumni are encouraged to reengage with MPS, their alma mater and the students of their alma mater through volunteerism, partnerships and financial contributions. Visit the MPS Alumni Hub to get “plugged in.”

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