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Alumnus Sam Guyton

Sam Guyton Milwaukee High School of the Arts, Class of 2017 - Sam Guyton on a roll as he completes his senior year at the prestigious NYU. “I feel that I have been blessed from God to be a messenger of love and entertainment. I want to be that voice musically that gets someone through their day and inspires other creatives to create.” Guyton started as a young kid in Milwaukee who grew up in a musical household but wanted to kick around a soccer ball. So, what changed his mind? Michael Jackson.

It may not be as simple as the King of Pop convincing Guyton to follow in his footsteps, but it was a chance to play young Michael in the production of We are the World We are The Drum: Michael Jackson Tribute that sparked his creative interest. However, he was not the multi-faceted performer his listeners know him as now. “If I wanted to do it, I had no rhythm, it was terrible, it was a hot mess oh my God.” Though initial hesitation could have deterred him, Guyton’s forward-thinking attitude didn’t escape him or those closest to him. “My dad started coming to my show and think maybe he started seeing that this guy really has some talent,'' Guyton says, “Not so much talent but I was really dedicated.”

Click the link below to read the article in the IMPRUEV, “Black Creatives to watch for: Sam Guyton.”

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