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Celebrate MPS school social workers, March 3–9, 2024

National School Social Work Week is March 3–9, 2024. This is an important time to appreciate our school social workers in MPS! In every MPS school, social workers are essential members of the school team.

School Social Work Week 2024This year’s theme for National School Social Work Week, chosen by the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA), is “Pearls of Wisdom.” The theme recognizes how school social workers share knowledge and resources to support their students, families, and school communities. The SSWAA website shares, “School social workers are the threads of compassion, weaving empathy, support, and understanding into the fabric of students' lives.”

In MPS, school social workers (SSWs) seek community resources that dismantle barriers to student learning and provide targeted support. Their services include counseling, crisis intervention, advocacy, case management, collaboration with school staff, family support, behavior intervention, and a focus on promoting equity and social justice. By addressing the diverse needs of students and fostering a positive school environment, school social workers play a vital role in supporting students.

This school year, for example, services have been dedicated to supporting refugee and immigrant families. SSWs ensure that these families receive needed support to navigate the educational system so their children can learn and feel connected to their school community. Furthermore, SSWs support district grant-writing initiatives to bring relevant student and family resources to the district.

MPS school social workers have a range of resources they can draw from to provide students and families with crisis intervention and mental health interventions, including the MPS Homeless Education Program, special education evaluation teams, school-based mental health supports, and Head Start for children ages 3 and 4. In addition, school social workers conduct home visits, connect students to community resources, and collaborate with school staff, families, and community partners to improve services.

School social workers remain a critical link between home, school, and community, and they build connections and relationships with students and families. They know that relationships directly impact the quality of students’ and families’ lives, happiness, and ability to cope when times are tough.

Do you know a school social worker? If so, you are lucky! Help them celebrate by letting them know how important they are to you. Please recognize them for picking social work as their life’s work. They are working diligently to foster the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of all of our students.

Thank you, MPS school social workers!

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