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Freshman Bridge Ensures Students are Ready for High School

Freshman Bridge 2022MPS teachers are preparing students now for graduation in four years. The MPS Freshman Bridge program provides key information and sets expectations for students in their first year of high school. Two days of workshops during the first week in August provide the opportunity for incoming freshmen to understand what to look forward to and how to prepare for a successful high school transition.

High school classes bring more homework and projects that may require research or group collaboration. Students typically participate in a variety of extracurricular, social, and athletic activities — creating a strong need for planning and scheduling. Reagan IB High School Principal Michael Roemer shared, “We encourage all students to attend Freshmen Bridge. It’s an opportunity to connect and reinforce graduation requirements. There are many IB tracks so it is important for students to consider their current interests and goals.”

Neveah Fisher, Bay View High School student had a positive experience. “It was very informative and entertaining. The link crew leaders made sure it was fun. I learned how to get around the building and tips to stay on track.” In addition to logistics, Freshman Bridge facilitates team building, mindfulness exercises, and restorative practices.

Bay View High School Principal Jeffery Gaddis supports every student attending Freshman Bridge. “We forge great relationships with our incoming students. We are a large high school that prides itself on strong academics and competitive athletics. Our first-year students often feel overwhelmed, but through this program we have seen a positive impact on our school culture and Day One vibe.”

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